Are there many birds in Yokohama in February?

I will be doing three One Minute Birdwatching performances, one at the start of each day from 15-17 February, in Yokohama. It’s a busy city, but I will be overlooking the waterfront, so I am optimistic that there will be at least one or two gulls…

2月15日~17日まで、毎日1回横浜で”One Minute
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A Day with a Duck recordings online

Click here to listen to the five recordings from 15th September in Ely. It was a very hot day, with lots of ducks and geese, most of which could be identified using the handy banner I’d made!

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A Day with a Duck

I will be in Ely on Saturday 15th September, performing One Minute Birdwatching on the waterfront. It is usually packed with ducks and geese, and so should hopefully provide a particularly busy sound recording. I’ve been making a banner with illustrations of the most likely birds to assist us with speedy identification. Come and join me if you’re in the region: 11am-3pm on the hour, near Babylon Gallery.

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Tuesday morning’s otherwise quiet birdwatching session ended quite spectacularly with a group of people dressed as blackbirds running into the park.

I absolutely didn’t orchestrate this, I promise.

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BBC Scotland

Liz Rawlings recorded a One Minute Birdwatching preview on Friday and an extract with interview can be heard online here, as part of an article on site specific work:

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One Minute Birdwatching – Day 1 video

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Edinburgh Day 1

I am typing this at my apartment in Edinburgh, where I have just seen a wren and a heron fly past. The birdwatching sessions at West Princes Street Gardens weren’t quite as dramatic, but there were plenty of gulls to pass the time. Check out the EDINBURGH RECORDINGS page for daily updates.

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