The Rules

One Minute Birdwatching

This is an instruction piece which is performed by the audience, led by myself. I deliver the instructions at the start of the piece. The rules are:

1. Start when instructed.

2. Whenever you see a bird, say either its name (if you know it), or ‘bird’ (if you don’t).

3. One word per bird.

4. Stop when instructed.

It is a playful activity, which aims to create time-specific soundtracks to the space. It varies from noisy, chaotic ‘readings’, to quiet, sparse ones, depending on the number of birds visible at that specific moment in time, and on the number of participants. The cumulative sound of multiple voices mimics the sound of flocking birds.

I developed this piece for PULSE Fringe Festival (Ipswich, June 2010), performing it twelve times in different locations over the course of one day.

I then performed it at ANTI Contemporary Art Festival (Finland, September 2010) three times a day at three locations repeated three times throughout the festival.

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